Alterations to my dress are turning me red!

A family friend has done the alterations to my wedding dress for free. I love what shes done. Now here's the dilemma, I had straps added to the dress. My decolletage area is so sensitive that I couldn't have any material there unless its going to completely hide because it goes red with just the slightest contact so I went with a strapless dress but wanted straps added. I've never had this happen to my shoulders so I thought it would be OK, however after wearing my dress for 10 minutes my shoulders have gone red! they look sunburnt! What do I do? do I ask the seamstress to reverse what I asked her to do? I don't want to appear rude and ungrateful but neither do I want to look sunburnt on my wedding day (the redness of my decolletage is a insecurity of mine so its not just an issue of having it edited out of photos) 

Any advice would be so much appreciated 


  • dinky2020dinky2020 Posts: 21 New bride
    Not quite the same but I have really sensitive skin and find a lot of fabrics itchy - I don't know what fabric has been used but could you have the straps lined with a softer/silky fabric?
  • MrsS2019MrsS2019 Posts: 137 New bride
    The skin around my decolletage area is very sensitive and goes red and blotchy if i even rest my hand against it for a few mins so materials apart from cotton can turn it red and blotchy. The straps are made from tulle and lace appliques so they are quite see through and wouldn't be able to be lined as they almost follow the edge of the appliques rather than being a solid line up and over.
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