Groom suit - what colour!!


I'm new around here following lots of lurking! I need to do a planning thread really but feel like that requires more brain power than my head has on a Sunday night!

My dress is floral and I'd love ideas of what coloured suits would go? I'm thinking green but open to ideas. Dress photo fabric below. AlsoI'm hoping for recommendations of where to find a green suit for my h2b for our summer casual wedding. It's proving hard!  x


  • Think you'll struggle with green unless you go custom made. Navy maybe?
  • Oh, apparently ASOS do green suits...|clothing|shop%20by%20edit&refine=base_colour:2

  • wedscotwedscot Posts: 43 New bride
    Amazing dress! Love it. Green would work well, or maybe a beige/cream would also work? Ted Baker did do a green suit but I don't know whether it was a winter stock. Marc Darcy also does a range of colours in suits.
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  • AliceJAliceJ Posts: 18 New bride
    Thanks, had a quick look and there's one possibility. Not sure about tweed in August and if it'll be too wintery. .. Who would have thought green was such a hard colour to find! 
  • AliceJAliceJ Posts: 18 New bride
    Went suit shopping and the ones he likes are blue. Proper blue blue as well. Not sure if it would go but want him to be happy! 
  • Ambam19Ambam19 Posts: 586 New bride
    I'd say a grey would look nice with this
  • obin.gamobin.gam Posts: 3 New bride
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    White suit. Green tie... possibly pink tie.
  • Cecilia13Cecilia13 Posts: 512 New bride
    We found a lovely dark teal one in Debenhams!
  • AliceJAliceJ Posts: 18 New bride
    Oooh thanks. I'll have a peak. We live rurally and it's a pain going to towns so think I'll order him loads online and have a test. 
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