Bridesmaid dresses - is it ok to go pre-loved?

Hi ladies, a quick q. I have 4 bridesmaids and wanted to buy the Maya sequin dresses, but they're around £80 each which is busting my budget. I know they're super popular and, that being the case, there's lots of them on sites like ebay etc. for much lower prices, having only been worn once. Is it ok to put my bridesmaids in pre-worn dresses, as long as they're in excellent condition of course? I would plan to clean them, add any loose beading etc. myself and make sure they're as fresh and beautiful as possible for my girls, but just wanted to see if everyone thought this was acceptable? My own wedding dress is a sample so I'm not personally adverse to it but I know some people can be. It just seems like a good way to save money, on a dress they all probably won't wear again anyway!


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