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Hi everyone, 
I’m totally stuck with bridal accessory ideas! Here’s a pic of my chosen dress. The dress has an over skirt which can be removed for 2 different looks, I really don’t know what accessories to wear with it? Do you think a veil would be too much? Should I try a headpiece instead? Or nothing at all?! Help!! X


  • AliceJAliceJ Posts: 18 New bride
    Beautiful dress, it looks gorgeous on you. I don't think you need to much. 
    Hair up or down?
    I wouldn't say you do not need a veil maybe some sort of delicate headpiece instead and a bracelet?

  • dinky2020dinky2020 Posts: 23 New bride
     I agree, no veil! Love the dress - which is it?
  • Thank you both! I was thinking of having my hair down and tousled but I’m not sure what kind of head piece would go with that style? I feel like if I don’t have a veil I’m missing out somehow haha but I don’t know... I think with a veil it might be a bit ‘much’! 

    The dress is the Tara Lauren Montgomery dress 😄

  • wedscotwedscot Posts: 43 New bride
    My dress has a lace pattern too, and I had the same thoughts about a veil, but like you I sort of wanted one for the feel/experience/photo op, etc. So I have a plain veil, waist length, so that the detail can still be seen. I will probably only wear the veil for the first part though and then remove it for most of the day. I have gone for a tiara for a half up, half down hair, no necklace but a number of bracelets - 1 as my something borrowed, one pearl one made for in by my future MiL which I have saved for this purpose and an infinity symbol one.
    Our planning thread here
  • @wedscot love your bracelet idea! I feel so out of my depth with all of this stuff - wedding fashion, accessories, shoes.... I have no idea what I even like. I just don't want to look back and hate how I looked on the day! 
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