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I’ve seen a number of questions/queries around JJS House and wanted to share my experience. I ordered a flower girl dress and paid the extra £20 for fast delivery. The dress arrived - very good quality but sadly it was ripped in 2 places. And this is where the issues then start - the customer service of JJS House is appalling. It’s very difficult to get hold of anyone and you have to use a messaging system which takes 24 hours to get a response. I opted for the coupon (I just wanted to order a replacement!) And yet I’m still waiting for it. The customer service representatives don’t seem to talk to each other with one promising me the coupon once I had provided the tracking number which I did and then got told I would have to wait until the package arrived at the warehouse before they would release it. Even if I do get the coupon, I will be throwing it in the bin as wouldn’t want to risk the dress being ripped again and having to go through this process again! 
Great quality clothing store sadly let down by their customer services department. 
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