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Lowering corset back

BodaEspañolaBodaEspañola Posts: 7 New bride
edited May 2019 in Wedding fashion
hi all,

I have brought a corset back dress and having seen pics of the back, I don’t like the way it looks, it seems to start in a really unflattering part of my back (giving me shoulder blade wedge and back fat) 

has anyone had experience of lowering a corset back? And have pics? Any advice will be appreciated.. TIA

Ive added pics of the dress for reference.


  • Red_LHRed_LH Posts: 21 New bride
    I don't think its unflattering at all, its beautiful. I think if you sent these pictures to  a seamstress they could easily lower it or change the shape to suit. 
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    speak to a seamstress - but if you lower the back you will probably lose support in the bust area.
  • Thank you so much @Red_LH

    That was my worry @MrsCToBee the front of dress is quite structured and has piping supporting the bust down to the waist, I was hoping that might make a difference to being able to lower the back 
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 940 New bride
    I think it looks fine. It's human nature to pick out our own perceived imperfections which no one else can see! When I had my dress altered I was upset because I had masses of back-fat bulging over the back, and the seamstress simply said to me "Everyone sees their own back-fat, no matter what the dress or how I fit it".

    If I were you I would try on the dress again and get someone to tighten it properly (it doesn't look right in the photo because the tongue is not set straight), then try it at different tightnesses to see how you feel most comfortable. You might be able to wear it looser if it still gives enough support.

    You also may want to consider how you're planning to wear your hair. If it is loose or you plan to wear a veil it will change the look.
  • Thank you @OmRum you’re correct it isn’t laced up properly (every other eyelit is laced) and the modesty panel isn’t buttoned either.. 

    i was worried it would look worse when laced fully but It is really supportive at top so I guess I could actually try it looser at too before I go getting it altered.. thank you 
  • @BodaEspañola you look absolutely stunning! However I know what its like to get hung up on body issues so I would say talk to an experienced seamstress and see what they say. Good luck1
  • Thank you @AnxiousBride19 I have an appointment with a seamstress in a couple of weeks, hopefully she’ll be able to help me 😬
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