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Wedding dress alterations & fittings - advice required

Autumnbride19Autumnbride19 Posts: 70 New bride
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So I'm very excited as my dress has finally arrived (after what felt realistic nightmares of them not ordering or it arriving after my wedding)!

Now my plan originally was to go to the seamstress recommended by my dress shop as my thought process was they wouldn't recommend someone who will do a bad job as would reflect badly on them.

Anyway I called up the alterations place and they said the latest appointment during the week they can is 3.30pm or a Saturday appointment at £30 charge on top of whatever alterations are required. My issue is I work and live in London but the shop is in Eltham so if I was to go during the week would require a half day off work (which i cannot afford with the wedding, mini moon and xmas my holidays are all taken up) or cough up and pay the £30 per visit (which soon mounts up!). 

So two part question 

a) should I just stick with the place for peace of mind and swallow the extra cost

b) can anyone recommend good quality seamstress who specialises in wedding dresses? I am going to need the dress taking in as was bought in the size according to my massive hips and also will be changing it from on shoulder to off shoulder. Ideally if they could be based in London or if slightly out of London ones that open late or don't charge extra for a Saturday appointment

Thanks in advance!


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