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Recommendations of bridal shops in Northern England

Hi, I'm looking for recommendations for affordable bridal wear shops in Northern England. I live just near the border of North and West Yorkshire in Keighley, but am happy to travel a couple of hours away (Manchester, Hull, Sheffield etc). There are plenty of shops near me but a lot are out of my price range, and I'm embarrassed to make an appointment and waste their time. I'm worried I won't be able to have the experience of trying dresses on in the traditional way as we have budgeted £500 for my dress (no shoes, accessories etc included in that price) and a lot of the dresses in the bridal shops in my area are upwards of £800 :disappointed: if anyone has any recommendations that would be great, thanks :smile:


  • MrsRendall2BMrsRendall2B Posts: 749 New bride
    I'd either try a Wed2B or Bridal Factory Outlet in Northallerton is pretty good :)
  • Ruth126Ruth126 Posts: 40 New bride
    I got my dress from Elite Bridal in Huddersfield (currently Beck Road but they are about to move) for £595. I simply couldn’t justify spending more and got so many compliments on it. They have a huge (nicely decorated) warehouse of off the peg dresses and you choose 5 initially and get assistance trying them on. It’s not as full on as some other shops in terms of attention you get but they were lovely each time we went including for alterations. There are loads of styles and they have a good seamstress. You can take the dress home on the day once you’ve paid too and just take it back for alterations. 
    They are a family run business and my mum saw an article in the local paper - I’ve lived in London for years but was pleased I accidentally ended up getting my dress from my hometown. They also have shops in Castleford and Hull but guess Huddersfield would be nearest Keighley and Bradford. 
    Hope you find something beautiful wherever you go. X 
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