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Hi, hoping for some advice - my wedding is in 4 weeks. I bought a sample dress over a year ago (which was still very expensive!!) and have gone to one of the alteration companies recommended by the shop I bought the dress from. There is a lot of lace so I didn't want to risk it being butchered. It is in London so I appreciate you pay 'London prices' - we budgeted £400 which we thought was still excessive, however fitting one the agreed price was £610 which I nearly choked at, however we reluctantly agreed to pay it (mad I know). This one to take in, take up the length/hem and put in a bustle. Fitting 2 - the lady attempted to bustle the dress however couldnt make it look good because of the long train so she recommended having that taken in two. Cut to over an hour later of her doing he work at the end of the session she said that will be an additional £145! I nearly died. I am so upset and have no idea what to do, I feel like they have me over a barrel as they have my dress and we already agreed to them doing the work. No idea what I should do, but I thought that the price we agreed in session one was the price, but it turns out it isn't. 


  • CoffeeDogAddictCoffeeDogAddict Posts: 1,431 New bride
    Ouch! I feel for you! Although im not yet at alterations stage, from what i have read and heard it can be a little bit like that. Its not uncommon for costs to suddenly escalate and as you say, because they have the dress there isn't much you can do about it. 

    It might be worth just saying to the seamstress that you are on quite a tight budget so you need to m ake sure it stays under £X and is there anything that can be done to accommodate that? They're humans too and although its a business im sure if you explain then there might be some ways to work around it. 
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    They are literally taking the piss out of you. My dress was a sample and my seamstress took my dress in at the bust, took up the lace hem, made me 2 straps from the lace offcuts and attached them, shortened the boning, added a bustle and new loop for £250! Including 3 fittings.  I am just outside London but rather than using one of the expensive shops recommended I used a lady who works from home.

    How much alteration has been done? I would ask them to stop and agree a price for whatever has already been done and take it away and find someone cheaper, especially if they aren't even capable of a bustle at those prices! You need to be assertive, take your fiance with you if need be. 

    I would also contact your bridal shop and tell them about your experience as they really shouldn't be recommending them if they aren't upfront about costs.
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