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I had saw the show say yes to the dress and decided to make an appointment i was assured they had what I wanted in the size I needed
Being very conscious of my size I rang a further 2 times to be fully convinced the store could cater for curves and I was told I had nothing to worry about the designers go up to a 24 so I will have no problems I arrived at the store after travelling 4 hours to get there to be shown around the shop floor be convinced again that there will be no fitting issues and if a dress did not fit no worries they can peg it. I entered the changing room with a consultant and was asked to undress to underwear the consultant fully watched this process the consultant furthermore tried to stuff a size 18-20 woman into a size 10 dress she got it past my bust and it was physically hurting me and I felt like a sausage that was too big for its roll. The consultant with a drag pull and tug managed to get me out of the dress and proceeded to tell me and I quote “if you can’t fit in that you won’t fit into anything else on the rack, we have nothing to fit someone of your stature We can’t help you”
I was at my most vulnerable state and was made to feel worthless for not being able to fit in size 8-10 dresses worst bridal experience of this whole process and would not recommend this shop to my worst enemy never mind another woman!


  • CoffeeDogAddictCoffeeDogAddict Posts: 1,376 New bride
    Thats a really awful experience im sorry you went through that. Have you fed this back to the shop? Its important they know so they can make sure it doesnt happen again. 

    There are lots of bridal stores that have a wider range of sizes so i would definitely take a look around and please don't be put off!
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,954 New bride
    That's awful! I'm a size 22 and had great experiences at both Wed2B, and a bridal shop near me who were holding a Maggie Sottero plus size trunk show. I've heard David's Bridal also carry lots of plus size dresses to try on. There may also be a  plus size bridal shop near you.
  • How awful. Big hugs!! I was really nervous before mine as very conscious.   But David's Bridal were amazing. 
     They only have a few stores around.  But was well worth me travelling to Birmingham.  The women were great and they give you a a slip and corsetty thing to wear after measuring you. Which made me feel more covered up and comfortable. 
    Best of luck. X
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