Mother of Bride/Groom and Bridal Party colours

Hi all. Can someone tell me if my concerns are genuine or if I'm worrying over nothing?

During the whole planning process, I've told my mum and MIL2B to wear whatever they feel comfortable in, without placing any restrictions on colours. However, both mums have always asked me to find out what the other mum will be wearing so they can plan their own outfits accordingly.

As far as I was aware, my MIL2B hadn't chosen an outfit, so when I went shopping with my mum to look for her outfit yesterday, we searched freely and she fell in love with a blue/navy dress paired with a blue/navy hatinator and a silver shoe and bag.

I sent my MIL2B a text this morning to inform her what my mum will be wearing, and she responded saying she will also be wearing a navy dress with a silver shoe and bag, and that her dress is currently being altered. 

My concern is that there will be too much navy and silver going on, as H2B and the groomsmen will be wearing navy suits and a silver/grey tie also. We chose navy and silver for the groomsmen as my 2 bridesmaids will be wearing lavender-grey dresses and the colours went together beautifully. I've debated changing the suit colour to grey to break up all of the navy, but I don't want to do that.

Am I being silly? It's 8 weeks to go until the big day.


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