Help!! What dress?

Please help I can’t decide between these dresses I absolutely love them both on too 😬 we’re getting married in a barn and I wanted to go with the rustic theme for decorations and vintage colours.. so If I pick number 2 I know I’ll need to change that all around. What do people prefer honestly? 


  • I prefer 2 but they're both lovely!
  • annipooannipoo Posts: 232 New bride
    Have you tried them both on? If not you'll probably find you have a preference once it's on. In terms of just the 2 pics above I do prefer the 2nd one but they could both look completely different on a different body shape. 
  • I prefer 1, but thats probably because I always go for shapes like 1 over 2 because of my body shape... 

    If you can't decide when you try them on, then maybe think about your day as a whole - if you have a barn venue and were going with the rustic theme, how would you switch this up to go with the second dress? How do you picture yourself looking in the pictures at the venue? Think about whether you'd find yourself 'missing' one dress if you chose the other.
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 933 New bride
    Why do you need to change the rustic decorations and vintage colours if you pick number 2? Wear what you want and don't be hemmed in by themes. This is your wedding, not a performance.
  • Its tricky because they really are quite different. Have you tried both on and moved around in them? Personally, i wanted one like 1 but ended up with something more in the shape of 2, and while i have had many a doubt, i know 2 means i will be more comfortable and can dance easily, which his important to me.
    I wouldn't say one style goes with your theme more than the other, i don't think the dresses have to fit in that way as such as you're the bride, you're always going to stand out. It jut needs to be about what you feel most comfortable and happiest in. 
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