No Dress feels right 😢

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Ok so we're getting married in Feb 20 on a seriously tight budget, Ive literally tried on about 6/7 dresses and can honestly say I feel disgusting when I look in the mirror i  spent yesterday afternoon crying because I can't even remotely like any dresses on, I know I have self esteem issues and a bad case of body consciousness, but I genuinely feel like we're gonna have to scrap the wedding because I just feel like a utter mess with fat and flab hanging out everywhere and shoulders that broad my head look shrunken..  don't know what to do x


  • I think you look lovely! Is there an item of clothing you already have that you feel comfortable in, e.g. a dress or top, and is there something about that you can look for in a dress. For example, a top with floaty/angel sleeves that you might like to wear, so consider dresses with similar sleeves, or a dress with a specific neckline that you already own and like that can inspire your dress shopping. 
  • I second this - I think you look really nice, but I know it doesn't matter what people say if you don't feel comfortable in yourself.  Remember though, you don't have to go for a white dress if it makes you feel that way - there is no reason why you can't go for separates, or even going for a coloured dress/outfit. Its your day, and you can wear whatever you want :)
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    I agree with the above - you look lovely. I was in exactly the same position as you when I first went dress shopping. Have you tried wed2b? - I went to the store in Brighton and they were brilliant and the prices are very reasonable. I tried on around 30+ dresses in 4 different stores, so don't loose hope! I'm a similar shape to you and my biggest 'conscious' area was my arms and i found off the shoulder dresses (or a strapless dress with lace bolero) was really flattering. I hope you find something 
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    I was the same too.
    Have you tried plenty of different shapes? I had no idea what I wanted or what suited me, I’d watched Say Yes to the Dress loads of times and was none the wiser at all.
    Not sure what part of the country you’re in, but I ended up going to a great shop in Beckenham called “Heavenly Bodies Bridal”. It’s run by a lovely lady who is exclusively for plus size brides. She only does one appointment at a time and closes the shop for the appointment, so it’s really private. She was incredibly helpful in working out what suited me and what didn’t. I didn’t end up buying a dress from her, but I knew what styles to look for and it really helped.
    If you’re on a tight budget a shop like this might be a way forward? Once you have a good idea of the shape you want it may well be easier to narrow down your search a bit.
    There’ll be a dress out there for you that makes you feel beautiful, don’t lose hope.
    Good luck 
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    I think you should try on a wide strap rather than sleeves as that could make your shoulders look narrower. Maybe a Grecian style?

    If you really can't find a wedding dress you feel comfortable in you should wear a normal dress or even a suit. Don't cancel the wedding!
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