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Which one is better on me?

I tried on these two wedding dresses from LZ Bridal. But I am indecisive for picking out one of them. Could you tell me which one is the most suitable for me? Thank you!


  • Ambam19Ambam19 Posts: 589 New bride
    I think they both look great. 
    I like the 2nd one as it really suits your figure, but the 1st one is also beautiful and is different to the style you usually see. 
    From these pics I'd go for the 2nd one 
  • MrsB2020MrsB2020 Posts: 55 New bride
    The both look fantastic on you - the first is more modern and the second more classic so it really depends on what vibe you’re going for and how you feel in them - I don’t think either would be the wrong decision tbh! 
  • I vote for 2 options. Definitely)))
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