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Help finding flower girl dresses

Hi, I really hope someone can help. I have found these lovely flower girl dresses on google and I can’t find them anywhere. Does anyone know who makes these dresses and where I can get them from?


  • I'm afraid I don't know those particular dresses, but even if you found the seller you may find they are not current stock? I really struggled finding something for my 2 flower girls with not wanting anything too poofy and little girly - one was 8 and one a tall but slim 11 year old wearing age 13 clothes and struggling to find one's that were tall enough but weren't also too wide for her, and I wanted them in matching and something that tied in with my adult bridesmaids too, but that wasn't too old for them either. I ended up going to the local shop where my adult bridesmaids were having their dresses shortened- I gave the seamstress there a rough idea of what I wanted and showing her a picture of an old style I'd found but was no longer available and wasn't in the right size for the 11 year old or quite fancy enough for what I wanted anyway, and she made them from scratch. They were exactly what I wanted, fit perfectly, the girls loved the fact their dresses were made for them and no-one else would have the exact same dress, and at £40 each they came in cheaper than I had found online or in high street shops! If you have a local seamstress it may be worth showing them the pics and seeing what they can do- I was very pleasantly surprised! 
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