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Dress doubts

So I found a dress I absolutely love yesterday. However I can feel doubt creeping in already. The shop aren’t putting the order in until Thursday so I do have at least a few days to change my mind ...

It was the third dress I tried on, I immediately felt amazing in it and said it was my favourite of the 3 I had tried but I wasn’t 100% sure it was the one at that point. I tried on about 6 more dresses and found myself comparing every one of them to that 3rd dress, and I couldn’t get it off my mind. There was one particular dress that came a close second but I didn’t end up choosing as I felt it was a bit of a ‘safe’ choice and my mum and bridesmaids also preferred me in the third dress (there were tears) but I’m starting to second guess my decision now.

The dress I chose is Laura by Enzoani 

This is me wearing it

The slight reservation I have is the very deep sweetheart neckline. After breastfeeding two kids my cleavage isn’t my best feature, (but I’m hoping a wonderbra will rectify this) and I’m not a fan of the slight shelf effect where the dress bunches up a bit under my boobs. I’m hoping this is because the sample was slightly too large for me and the dress will be smoother and won’t bunch when it actually fits me. But what if it doesn’t? Think I’m possibly overthinking and not seeing the bigger picture and forgetting how I felt in the dress.

The dress that came a close second was a Stella York dress, this is a pic of it on the model 
the scalloped edge around the neckline was much more flattering on me and I think the lace around the tummy hides any slight lumps or bumps but I’m not sure if it had the wow factor, and I felt I’d seen all over lace dresses a million times before and thought the lace appliqués on the other dress were slightly more unique (not to offend anyone who has that style of dress because I do think it’s beautiful) It also didn’t help that I tried it on in the blush version (a colour that does nothing for me) 

which do do you honestly prefer?
what should i do? Is it worth going back to the shop to try it on one last time before I order it or will that confuse me more?


  • I think you look amazing in that dress! I agree that the bunching is because it’s not the right size, and it should be smooth once the dress is fitted to you. You have a great figure to pull off that silhouette. 
    Hold onto how you felt in the dress - you said it felt amazing and you couldn’t get it off your mind, AND you had the bridesmaids in tears! I think it’s totally normal to second guess your decision a bit, it’s a hell of a big decision clothes-wise.
    I agree that the second dress is more classic and “safe”, I’ve got similar appliqués on my dress so I’m definitely in favour of the first.
    In terms of trying it on again, I’m torn. It could help solidify the decision in your mind, but I think it could really muddy the waters (and I think it would for me personally). Take some time to think about it.

  • Thank you so much for your lovely comments MrsB.

    I do think the bunching is because it doesn’t fit round the chest, but I will be really nervous when my dress comes in, in case it still doesn’t look quite right around the boob area.

    Also, the bridal shop is ordering in a yard of lace that matches the train of the dress to make some detachable loose off the shoulder straps. Like this ... My style is quite boho so I think this little customisation will make the dress a little more ‘me’ and make it unique. I’m hoping when I see the dress with my own stamp on it, i will love the dress even more and it will erase any doubt in my mind.

    I was maybe thinking of seeing if the seamstress could add some scalloping to the neckline to match the lace of the detachable straps just to soften the neckline slightly and give the boobs a little more coverage, similar to this ... but I’m not sure if that’s gonna spoil the look of the dress because half the appeal is how ‘sleek’ it looks.

    I think I do need to try it on again, I think I might be able to think more clearly by myself, and can maybe see how the dress looks with a little lace pinned to the neckline.

    Think I’m gonna be at the bridal shop a million times before my wedding 😂 the staff will love me! I’ll be having jitters every week, I’m such an indecisive person 
  • I love the dress you’ve chosen. It’s stunning and a little different to many of the styles in the shops at the moment. 

    It sounds like the shop are being helpful ordering in the extra lace etc. I was amazed at what the seamstress could do with my dress to make it more personalised to me, so I’m sure if you wanted something like scalloping there’s a good chance it could be done. 

    My dress has straps but I wasn’t keen on how they connected to the dress. My seamstress was able to make it look like the lace came up off the dress to form straps. No one else knew they were changes, they looked like they’d always been part of the dress but it allowed me to customise it to me and what I felt comfy with.

    ps with the cleavage, I was amazed I didn’t have to wear a bra on my wedding day. Like you I don’t have a naturally good cleavage, but a well fitting dress can work wonders. My dress didn’t have a back and I worried about support, but I needn’t have worried the support was brilliant 
  • Thanks MrsMidtobe

    I suppose with any dress you’re  gonna have reservations because you just don’t know exactly how it’s gonna look unless the sample fits you perfectly, especially when you’re customising the dress a little as well.

    I think I made a mistake taking photographs because all I’ve done since Saturday is pick them apart. 
  • I’ve been a bit naughty. Went to another shop and tried on another dress. 
    When I was in the boutique I actually liked it (didn’t ‘love’ it) and felt it was maybe more ‘me’ and more in my comfort zone than my original dress, but looking back at this pic, well, it’s ‘nice’ but you want better than ‘nice’ on your wedding day.

    I’ve arranged to go back in and try on my original dress tommorow. Although after trying on that other dress I think it’s cemented in my mind that the first dress is the one for me (just hope to god my boobs look okay in it when it’s in the correct size) 
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    The dress you picked is gorgeous, more unique and less 'generic' than the others (coming from someone who had a totally generic dress!).
    My dress (bought a sample) was huge around the bust when I tried it on but once altered it fit perfectly. I'm really short and the seamstress even cut the boning down in my corset to fit my body length.
  • penborelli123penborelli123 Posts: 16 New bride
    edited September 2019
    OMG I honestly bought the same dress (second dress I ended up buying). It is the dress I should have gone for in the beginning. I was honestly was looking for the perfect dress with lots of bling and I ended up making big mistakes because of that.

    Don't doubt it. It is a stunning dress and makes your body look amazing. I have added a belt to mine and it looks nice.

    The dress from your second post doesn't look nearly as nice.
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