What kind of veil?

What kind of veil would you wear with this dress?
I know I would definitely like the veil to be at least as long as the train of my dress. Just not sure if I want 2 tier or 1, waterfall cut, lace trim? Or just lace flower motifs scattered around the bottom? What would work best? Thanks x


  • I think I’d stick to a single tier just because I think a two tier might disguise some of the lovely detail on the back. 
  • I second SheffBridey and say single tier, and if you have any detail i think it should just be along the bottom part of the veil, the back of the dress is stunning so you dont want to hide it too much 
  • Here is a clearer picture of the train 
    do I go for lace trim all along the bottom of the veil? Flower appliqués scattered on the bottom or plain?
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