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So i ordered a dress last month, I felt I really rushed into it and bought it from the first boutique I went to. I felt nice in the dress, and it ticked a lot of my boxes but I’ve not been able to shake the feeling that something was missing and it just wasn’t the right dress for me, and maybe I didn’t really know in my heart what I wanted? It was 9 months away from the wedding and I felt I was running out of time. I knew (or I thought should I say) I wanted a lace strapless fishtail and bought the one in the shop that most closely fitted the bill, but in hindsight wouldn’t say I felt ‘amazing’ in it, and I think I chose a pretty ‘safe’ option, and every picture I see of it online I dislike or is just not blown away by I just think it looks pretty underwhelming.
So I was shopping for accessories at another boutique and saw a dress on the mannequin that did blow me away, it was a very plain v neck tulle ballgown a style I would never have chosen. But there was just something about this dress and I knew I’d never be able to get it off my mind if I didn’t try it on. I put it on and I have never felt so special in a dress in my life and it just felt more ‘me’ than anything I’d tried on although it was as far away from anything I’d ever thought i had wanted. I just felt perfect and flawless, and like a proper bride. I’ve been obsessively googling pictures of the dress and I’ve yet to see a bride it doesn’t look amazing on. I just love everything about it! However I couldn’t justify spending over £1000 on a new dress when I’d just spent over £800 on the deposit of my old dress. I have recently found the exact dress on still white, for £400! It has been dry cleaned, is one dress size larger than what I would wear, it would need to be hemmed and it has a very minor mark under the skirt that isn’t visible as there are about 4 layers of tulle over it, it is from a UK based seller so postage isn’t expensive.  The seller has been very transparent about the minor stain on the under skirt, has sent me lots of pictures and been very responsive to all of my messages.
I have to have this dress! I completely understand that I will lose my deposit for my first dress which I can live with considering the dress on stillwhite is such a bargain, and will actually work out less overall than my first dress. But will I be expected to pay the full balance for my old dress a month after ordering it? The dress I love is by the same designer as my first dress, I’d rather have it brand new if possible, do you think the bridal shop owner could contact the designer and change the dress? My original dress is more expensive than the one I love but I would be willing to pay what I was originally going to pay.

Finally has anyone ordered of stillwhite? Any advice?

what are my rights cancelling a wedding dress order?

Thanks x


  • Unfortunately no one will be able to know your rights, and you'll need to speak to the shop directly. 

    Often, once the dress has been ordered that's it, you have to pay the full amount of the dress, even if you change your mind. 

    Call the shop, see what they say, will they let you cancel/swap, and at least then when you know that you know how to move forward. 

    You will always have the option of selling it, but bear in mind even brand new unworn dresses never sell for even close to the full price. 

  • Even if I never signed a contract? I dont mind losing my deposit (which was 50% of the total price) just don’t want to pay £1600 for a dress I don’t want. The dress isn’t made to my exact measurements so I imagine the designer would quite easily be able to sell the dress for tulle price, then the bridal shop or the designer (not sure how it works) essentially get to keep £800 of mine for their trouble
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  • and they still have an unaltered perfectly saleable dress
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,954 New bride
    The only way you are going to know is to ask them - I'd just be honest and ask what they can do. 
  • I understand what youre saying, but yes very rarely is that how it works for the shop. You just need to ask or youll never know!
  • Suppose I could always sell my dress on if worst comes to worst, it might take time but as long as I am actually able to sell it eventually I’m happy, what kind of price should i ask for for a £1600 dress unworn and unaltered from the designers most recent collection? And how long on average would it take? 
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,954 New bride
    You'd get £500 for it if you were lucky. Wedding dresses are like cars, as soon as they leave the shop they lose all their value.
  • Do you think the shop would be willing to sell it on on my behalf? 
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,954 New bride
    I have no idea. As I said before, the best thing you can do is ring the shop and ask them all these questions.
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