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winter wedding dress - and i cant find one!!!

hi, im getting married next Christmas, I know its a long way off, but ive been looking for a while and I just cant find anything that I like - nothing!!!  I want sparkly, sexy, mermaid style with glitter/crystals, a little plunge, with a long veil cape.  I have in my head what I want, but Im  getting so disheartened, its almost like a prom dress that I envisage, but even those have drawn a blank? 


  • annipooannipoo Posts: 288 New bride
    Have you considered getting one made? If you've got something specific in your head that maybe doesn't exist in the shops then it might be worth considering. 
  • OwlOwl Posts: 9 New bride

    As a dressmaker I would say custom made may be the way to go, as already suggested. Bear in mind that sparkle/ bling on fabrics can be more expensive ready made, or take time to sew on. Also, if you do use a dressmaker, they may suggest looking at dancewear fabrics too. Just an idea.

    Although I have no idea of your budget, or location, I know of a prom/pageant dress place in Culcheth, Warrington. I don’t know how much they are, I just came across the place once when I went to a yarn shop on the same site. The website is something like, and also comes up as It’s not in Warrington town, but on a small business units site, has parking etc. You may have already seen it.

    Good luck in your search!
  • Amanda Novias i think it is my be able to help! Check her out on facebook, its all very glitz and glam!
  • Lenni by Theia is completely sequinned and mermaid they also have other beaded mermaid styles
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