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Flower girl wings. Tacky or cute?

I’ve been thinking of buying some feather angel wings for my 4 year old flower girl. Something like this 

a part of me thinks they’re really cute and something a little different and unique, but another part of me thinks they might be bordering slightly on the tacky side. 

This is my flower girls dress,

Would the wings cheapen the look of the dress? 


  • In my opinion yes, but if you want it then go for it
  • annipooannipoo Posts: 289 New bride
    If you do decide to go with them, I would suggest asking the flower girl for her thoughts first. Toddlers are notoriously fickle little people and she may just throw a strop and refuse to wear them if she doesn't like them! 
  • I agree with Samantha265 I’m afraid....
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