Size 16 dresses

Hi ladies, 

This is my first post here and I'm currently shitting bricks to put it nicely. My wedding is next August and i am finding it so difficult to find a dress. My budget at top whack is £1200 so I am looking down the sample sale route... only problem is that I am a regular size 14 (and dieting) so guess i need to be looking at 16 or 18 to be taken in.

I have been to David's Bridal in Stratford and had a nice experience. The dress i liked was okay but didn't blow me away. I've been to Wed2Be but didn't like any of the dresses and they had very few dresses in the required sizes.

Can anyone suggest where I can look? I love the Alemania dress from St Patrick range and have found a shop in Barcelona that has reasonable prices. I'm willing to jump on a cheap day return flight if needs be but it's not ideal. I like a sweet heart neckline style dress that has a mermaid shape.

Are there any companies that source dresses for you? How did you find your dresses by shopping online first or just going out and trying dresses on?

This is my 2nd week back to work after maternity leave and I cannot focus as its stressing me out. 
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