Am I being unreasonable

houghton_chloehoughton_chloe Posts: 1 New bride
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So, we have a big dilemma, my sister in laws boyfriend isn’t participating on any of the wedding activity but the other day said he’s going to get the same tie and pocket square as the rest of the wedding party, he’s going to order it from the same shop we’ve had ours made at. Am I being unreasonable that I’m really against this? It’s going to look odd in the pictures, he’s not a groomsman/usher so why should he want to wear the same as everyone else? 


  • kate268kate268 Posts: 85 New bride
    Pretty weird. Have you asked him why? Have they been together long, could he feel that he ought to be in the wedding party?
  • ClareBClareB Posts: 49 New bride
    Without knowing the full picture, its hard to say. Is your sister in law involved in the wedding? If you don't think he's doing it to make a point about not being involved, could it be that he just doesn't get the significance and thinks he's just doing something to fit in with the rest of the group / match his girlfriend, etc.
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