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Affordable Drop Veil

Hi all,

I'm getting married in July and have the perfect dress, but am really struggling to find a veil within my budget. I have quite a specific style of veil in mind, which is the classic drop veil (see below). However, I can't find one under £50 anywhere. I know this probably isn't a lot to most people but I'm on a very strict budget, so spending more than £50 on something I'm literally only going to wear for a couple of hours seems unthinkable to me. Also I'm probably being naive about the skill involved but it's literally just a circle of tulle, how can they cost so much?! Has anyone seen any veils like these but cheaper? I don't mind whether or not the edge is embellished.

Thank you so much ladies! x


  • OwlOwl Posts: 8 New bride

    If you are comfortable to do it, and depending on the length you want, you could buy a length of veiling and cut your own circle.

    Beyond a certain length they’re cut as an oval.

    A simple circle can be fixed in place with hairpins, jewelled if that’s your thing.  Sewing on a comb is another option.

    John Lewis do veiling tulle, around £6 per metre I think, and there are online fabric places too. The softer English net veiling might need more searching.

    If you want to PM me I’m happy to answer questions. (I’m a dressmaker)

    Good luck!

  • ClareBClareB Posts: 87 New bride
    I got my veil from Amazon - I felt it was no more 'handmade' or special than the ones I was offered in a shop and a fraction of the cost (approx £15 but there is lots of choice).

    There is also this tutorial if you want to make your own:
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