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Change of heart

So ive paid a deposit for a ronald joyce wedding dress and its in store for me however i have changed my mind and bought another dress. The shop has messaged to say that because the dress is in store i still have to pay for it. 😭 have i any argument against them at all? I dont know where im going to get another 1000 from. I just assumed i wouldnt get my deposit back. What have i done  😓 help xx


  • MrsMidtobeMrsMidtobe Posts: 151 New bride
    When you pay a deposit most places provide you with terms and conditions, have you checked these ? 

    Unfortunately most shops insist that once the dress has been ordered you have to pay the full amount regardless and it can’t be cancelled from the manufacturer at that point and they would still have to pay for it. 

    It may be best to speak to the shop and see if they can help or let you pay in instalments ? 
  • Samantha265Samantha265 Posts: 686 New bride
    I think, as above, you need to check terms and whether they were reasonably explained when you signed them. You can also weigh up the likelihood of them taking you to small claims court to recover such a small amount. If its current season then you could try and sell it on, but its unlikely you'll recover even 50% this way. I would imagine their 'contract' wouldn't actually be legally enforceable, so it depends if you're up for playing hard ball or not really.
  • Oh no, I hope you get this sorted out. 

    Check the terms and conditions, you may be able to just forfeit your deposit. If it doesn't say anything about having to pay the full amount in the T&C's (of if you didn't agree to / see any) then definitely fight your corner. 
  • You have a bad news and a good one as well. 

    Good news is that you have got the one finally. You must be happy that is why you just picked it without thinking the consequences. You must be the happy one. 

    Now come to the problem side, You must see Terms and conditions policy or you may visit their website for that. You also need to visit refund policy. Is there any ? even if they dont have a refund policy, you can ask for the refund, obviously they wont refund you anything but at the same time they might not asked you anything remain lols . 
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