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Is it worth the money??

Heya lovely ladies, happy 2020 !! 

I have just picked up my dress. Very early. I dont need it until 2022!!  It was from David's bridal and I love it. But I wondered on buying my underskirt and veil there too. Although they seemed a little pricey. 
The trumpet underskirt I believe is about £85. I have seen cheaper versions online but don't know whether to risk it. Has anyone bought a David's bridal underskirt and found it wonderful or has anyone found a fab cheaper make ??  Seems a lot as it's not on show. 

Also I fell for a single tier lace bottomed finger tip length veil. But it was £119, how much did everyone spend on their veil. I'm quite tempted as I've seen the lace matches my dress well and feel I'd have to buy a few online before I got it right. 

Any helpful suggestions would be amazing!! 

Thanks so much xx


  • ClareBClareB Posts: 87 New bride
    I bought my hoop / underskirt new from eBay (as recommended by my seamstress) and my veil from Amazon. I got each for less than £15.

    I didn't try a hoop in the dress shop so I haven't seen a more expensive version up close but it's a pretty basic thing and I'd imagine they come from the same places in China as the ones on eBay. I bought two veils off Amazon and have returned one - there is so much choice and as you have time, you can shop around. I actually think the veil I've got from Amazon is better quality than the one I saw in the shop for £80+ as it's on a metal comb not a plastic one and the material is nicer. The other option is to look on second hand websites.

    For both items, I could have afforded to spend more but I really felt like it wasn't good value - you can't see the hoop and the veil will be worn for an hour or so.
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