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does anyone know where to find dresses for a larger child?

we have a 9 and 11 year old as flowergirls/bridesmaids and we’re struggling finding matching dresses. We’ve tried the largest children’s dress 15-16years, the length is perfect but doesn’t zip up at the back.


  • shangshang Posts: 23 New bride

    This dress for both child and adult bridesmaid girls. With free custom service, it is easy to get fitted dress at
  • Natutz14Natutz14 Posts: 110 New bride
    Its a tricky one. Personally, with the age gap for my bridesmaids we actually decided to have all different outfits in shades of blue which worked really well but I understand you want them to match.

    I suggest looking in Monsoon, they have various children's age sizes and they often have sales.

    Otherwise - find a seamstress and get the dress altered. Moving a zip is an easy and cheap process, they can do wonders with dresses you wouldn't believe. Find someone local to you (recommendations from FB or a local paper?) and get a quote. 

    Good luck! :smile:
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