Should I add straps?

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I have bought this Essence of Australia, im really happy with it but im considering having a straps added - made up of the long flower motif. But im worried it will ruin the impact of the neckline. Any thoughts are much appreciated!




  • Samantha265Samantha265 Posts: 461 New bride
    Personally I wouldnt, it think it would ruin the drama of the silhouette, but its your dress so have whatever you want!
  • Yeah personally i wouldn't either, is it for support/comfort or just for the look?

    When I thought about adding straps to my strapless dress my seamstress explained that if it's for support then they have to be thick enough and placed right to actually provide support, otherwise they basically do nothing and are just for the look, so that's worth taking into account.
  • Helen359Helen359 Posts: 2 New bride
    I think it mostly a security thing, even though i know once its taken in, it will be pretty secure! I dont really need extra support but i just dont want to be fiddling around pulling it up and self conscious on the day! Think i might have a chat to the seamstress and get her to take it in around the bust first and then see what i think.

    Thanks for your help! 
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