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I won a competition to put £1000 towards a wedding dress - but what if I don't find 'the one'?

gcraskgcrask Posts: 1 New bride
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So I’ve won a competition where I get £1000 off a dress from a particular designer. When I signed up to the competition I didn’t think I would actually win! Their dresses are quite expensive, they range from £1800-£3300 and I have a dress budget of £2000 so I could potentially still spend a large amount of my budget on a dress. I now feel pressured to buy my dress from this designer and I’m looking through the designs online and well… they’re nice but I’m not sure they’re going to be 100% for me until I try them on. If I don’t fall in love with one of their dresses, I’m going to feel really guilty that I’ve taken that opportunity from someone else.

So I’m looking for some opinions. Would you settle for a dress that wasn’t quite what you envisioned because you’re getting a massive discount? After all, it’s a dress for one day! Or would you ignore the prize money and only get a dress if it was ‘the one’ and if it has £1000 off then that’s a bonus?


  • ClareBClareB Posts: 88 New bride
    Firstly I'd suggest you read and understand any of the competition terms and conditions - are there time limits? Are you committed to arranging alterations through the brand? Will they want photos or anything from you?

    Then I'd suggest you arrange to try some of their dresses - often people end up with completely different dresses than they liked in pictures so definitely keep an open mind. I'd also try to arrange a dress appointment elsewhere, so you can try on some other dresses in your budget. Ultimately you won't know until you try things on and for lots of people there isn't a perfect dress, so don't hold out for that - you're looking for a dress that makes you feel great, that suits your wedding plans and you can afford.

    Some other things to consider - have you budgeted for alterations? Are you thinking of selling your dress afterwards - if this is a consideration then the retail price of the dress may mean you can get more for it secondhand, but I'd say this should be a minor consideration unless you are on a tight budget. 
  • I don't see a reason, Why should you left the prize money ?

    First you must try a dress with an open heart. If you have prize it does not mean that you wouldnt like a dress. This decision should be taken after trying the dresses. 

    Best of Luck ....
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