Wedding shoes dilemma

Hiya everyone,ive got a problem.Ive got to find my wedding shoes by june even though iam not getting married untill september.I live in scotland and i bought my dress from lancashire(england) and because of travelling iam only having two fittings one in june then the other in august.So ive got to hace my shoes at the first fitting, but the problem is iam finding it hard to get some. Iam looking for ivory shoes preferably not strappy and not a big heel as it will cripple me. Can anyone help please?


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    try the high street! it sounds mad but Dune do the most beautiful wedding shoes as do faith and you can even order on line. some branches of john lewis sell rainbow club shoes which are specialist bridal and can be dyed to match, department stores generally are quite good any way so worth a look.
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    You should also try Next, they have some wedding shoes which are all sensible heights. You can look online at the wedding section is under womens wear.
  • BHS for wedding shoes are quite good, I got mine on ebay but they are very high. I have bought a pair of white sequinned flatties for the dancing!

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    I got my shoes from Wedding Shoes Direct on the internet. They have loads of white & ivory shoes.
  • I got my shoes from Faith and they are enough to pay especially if your only wearing them once. All the High Street shops are doing a little collection of wedding footwear now, even Office hava a new collection.x
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    I got mine new from an ebay supplier and also a pair from Next. The ebay ones were great so returned the others to Next. I have also found that some independent nice dress shops sell fab shoes suitable for weddings - since seen some ones great for mine but I do have a shoe thing!!
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    Becky try BHS thats where i got mine and my bridesmaids ivory shoes, I also couldnt have a pair that were too high cos my H2B is about an inch shorter than me as it is lol plus i'll have trouble walking in the little heels that i have lol but if you do go BHS check that they do wedding wear as not all BHS stores stock it
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    I got mine from they have loads of fab styles to choose from.
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    I went with a pair of Madison from Rainbow Club. I didnt buy them from here but its a good picture and description. They are padded inside and seem very comfy. The lady in the shop said she had a pair dyed black and she wears them for work sometimes. I paid £65 for them which seems to be the going price in real shops and on net.

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    Becky, you should try Next as I've just got mine from there. £24.99 ivory satin with a small heal. I'm not getting married till next year but thought I would get them and wear them around the house once a week to break them in. I love them.
  • Thanks for all your ideas,let you know how i get on.
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