Dress with straps or sleeves


I hope someone can help me. I ma getting married on 11 November and really need a dress with straps or sleeves. i really like the cap sleeves that I have seen but finding a dress within my budget (£500) is really difficult.

Does anyone have any ideas or know any website or shops that can help?? I live in Essex so place nearby would be great!




  • Hi Ali, most strapless dresses I've tried do come with spaghetti straps. They're usually in a little bag inside with the labels. If you want a more substantial strap, like a cap sleeve (they're so pretty!), a dressmaker might be able to add these in a matching fabric, or in a complimentary lace. So even if your local bridal shops appear to only sell strapless frocks, it's still worth a visit and worth chatting to the ladies there for advice! Good luck with your hunt!
  • Hi Ali, If you want a dress with straps / sleaves because you have a large bust then you don't. I spent 6 months looking for a dress I would like with straps, to no avail. I went to a bridal shop last week, tried on a load of dresses and finally the assistant in the shop gave me a strapless dress to try. It was lovely, and the innards of it had a full body corset within the dress that made me feel totally secure. I litterally jumped around the shop to check that it was going nowhere. I am a 34G so a strapless dress seemed to be out of the question. Try one and see. My dress is made by Sincerity. www.sinceritybridal.com
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