Confetti & Lace alteration cost £160!!!

Hi ladies,

I've ordered the dress from confetti & lace at the national wedding show now not so sure about them as there're many bad comments about them around. And apparently the branch that are most notorious is farnham which will be the one I have to deal with.

Anybody out there bought and had the alteration done there? How good are they at doing their job for £160 ? How much have they done? Was it worth the money you paid for?

Just want to know if it's worth accepting the dress as it arrives and having the alteration done somewhere else. Do you think they will allow that?

They measured me as a size 14 at the NWS but I'm getting thinner and I think I'll be able to get to size 12 even 10 by next year. Should I call them and ask them to change the size order? Will they charge me extra for that? (I've seen it somewhere about these ridiculous charges so I'm quite scared). someone out there please help!!!


  • Hi i have bought my dress with them , if you change the order now they will make you pay for a new one and the old dress , lovely and friendly when you order then after they are so rude .i only rang to see when my dress would be in .
  • What????? Can't believe they wiil make you pay!! So cheeky!! Even if the dress won't be here till June next year? That's ridiculous!!! They won't start making the dress till 3-4 months before your wedding amyway so why can't we change the size order.

    I've just read one of the thread, the dress that the lady got was far too big for her and they can't make it fit without ruin the shape of the dress at the same time!! Don't want to be in that situation.

    Which branch are you dealing with?

    Please share your (bad) experiences so I can prepare myself before I call them!!!

  • i am dealing with the one in lakeside

    i was told when you order they start making it.
  • Ohhh. I did not know that. So I might have to let it be then.

    Thank you for sharing your experience. When is your wedding Dagbride2B?

    Please help anybody who are (were) their customer before.

    I rang them once to ask if I could try on a dress so I can decide on a veil and shoes. They said they will call back but the never do. Don't want to ring them again.
  • which branch?

    I've ordered through Farnham, I know my dress will need altering because I had to order a size up to accomodate my arse! I've been back to try mine on (ordered beg sept, went back a month later to show my aunty!) and they were perfectly friendly.

    Not sure of any seamstresses around to alter mine if I don't use them. The dress was cheaper than I expected anyway so not massively worried
  • Thanks carrieg4now, you made me feel better as the branch I deal with is farnham too.There was a thread in here before, and lots of girls seemed to have problem with the service esp farnham branch. I supposed they've improved. Just want to know if anybody bought the dress and had alteration done there? How good were they?
  • kobiekob, I've ordered through Farnham too. They were lovely and friendly when I tried on the dress, said I can come back any time to try it on, and when i called last week to ask a question they said they'd call back in 5 minutes when they'd checked and they did!

    Perfectly friendly. Not got to the alterations stage yet, but fingers crossed it'll all go smoothly!
  • I'd never heard any bad stories before about C&L, but they were so rude to me when I popped into the Lakeside branch on the off-chance when I was in the area and all they would say was "make an appointment and come back with your mum we can't help you today", they were totally dismissive, there wasn't even anyone in the shop! Would never buy a dress from them, as a bride I expect to feel special, not looked down on.
  • Thanks Mrs T2B, you now made me feel more confident about the service in farnham branch. I've never been there, ordered the dress from the wedding show. And they told me to contact the farnham branch. But the lady whome I ordered the dress with seemed friendly, hopefully she'll still be friendly when I contact her.

    Stumps, I know the feeling, I always get it just because I'm in the t-shirt and trainers with an oriental look!!! Hope you find your dress soon Good luck!!

    Still I would like to know your opinion if it's worth changing the size to a 12? or stick with the 14 and have alteration later. But my dress is a fishtail style which quite body hugging, so I'm not sure if the dress has to be taken in a lot, it'll still keep the shape!!!

  • I've got no experience about that, but have a look at this thread, there's some comments you might find useful.
  • Hi there,

    Thought i'd throw my experience into the ring. The post sales service at Farnham was shocking to begin with but i stood my ground and they pulled their socks up and even stayed late for 2 fittings (dress came in faulty so i was back and forward alot.) The £160 is steep. But i picked my dress up on friday and it's ok. Only bad thing was there are a couple of greasy marks on the dress but i didn't have time for them to clean it again.

    Service could be a lot better to be honest, but if you call them on it they clean up their act! Take someone strong with you- i was trying not to cry at the first fitting because the dress was so badly made, but my mum stayed calm and politely told them off!

    Good luck!
  • I am worried now. This is my first post and I have ordered my dress from C&L in Farnham. The lady was really nice and the dress I tried on was a 12 and fit perfectly so thats what I have ordered. I am having the back changed into a corset and the neckline changed into a sweetheart and that is costing about £140 and I have already paid for it. I have to say, did not think much of the shop and already had a shop in mind which I did want to order it through as they have a fab reputation but unfortunately did not stock my dress designer. I will definately be taking my mother-in-law to be with me when its in cos she is fierce and I know if any probs she will sort them out!!!
  • alr837alr837 Posts: 257
    Jeez that seems cheap compared to what my sis has just got quoted - £45 per hour, and they reckon it will take 10 hours to make the bodice smaller for her! I almost died, its not as if the dress was cheap either - its Pronovias from the 2007 collection
  • Hi there,

    Whatever you do, get your dress altered there. I work in a wedding shop and you are looking at huge alts costs if you have had major weight loss.

    These shops that charge for a package, its actually better in your case, believe it or not! Thier £160 makes the assumption that all you will need are simple hem and side seams alterations. By losing that much weight you may need the design altered very slightly (bust seams and boning moved in). At my shop we charge similar prices. If a bride comes in and just needs the basics, we earn probably £50 but then we have to pay to store your gown until you are ready for fittings and also press it every time you come in for a fit, so we do spend the £160. The shop will actually end up out of pocket if you have gone down in size that much so chill out, its fine.

    About changing your order, once you signed your order, a confirmation is recieved by the shop from the designer and they only have 7 days in which to change it, so if you ordered at the NWS you can't change it now. Its not a problem and they will sort it out for you at your fittings.

    I know many people in the wedding business and you need to make sure you see Denise, Helen or Jenny, if they are still there, they are lovely and really care about the bride.

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