Anyone wearing aveil with acoloured dress?

Have my dress but not sure on a viel or not . The dress in winey. Keep getting conflicting advice from family. Please help!!;\)


  • Its your choice, you can get coloured veils, I tried on a red dress with a red veil, It looked amazin but looked just as with a white veil,

    I think the veil can complete a brides outfit, But its personal choice, have you tried on your dress with a veil yet?

  • I'm wearing an ivory veil with my black dress, although there is some ivory on the top of my bodice, so I think it works well. If I were having a red dress, I probably wouldn't bother myself - I think coloured dresses make a dramatic enough impression in their own right!
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  • I'm having a pink dress but not sure whether to go for pink or ivory veil any views?
  • You need to ask the advice of your wedding shop. All designs are sampled in ivory or white because they are most popular. Richard designs will do you a beautiful ivory/white one with red trim or red diamantes so the effect is subtle. I work in a wedding shop and it looks stunning, trust me!
  • or pink stones, or black or whatever, just ask your shop about a custom veil, it really works! For pink dresses wear a shell or rum pink veil, it will look amazing! xx
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