Shoes!!! Any recommendations for where to look?


Am taking a day off next week when I plan to look for shoes - not entirely sure where to start! Can anyone recommend any good places?

I'm going with my mum who lives in Reading, but don't mind driving out a bit - say Guidlford, Basingstoke, Oxford (although obviously not all in one day!).



  • i wouldn't bother going to oxford-sorry if that sounds harsh, but i grew up there, and its really not very good for shopping!

    good luck with the hunt!
  • I'd just pick a big shopping centre and walk though the shoe shops. Also have a look in all bridal boutiques nearby - a local one here has massive reductions on shoes at the moment! If you're wearing an ivory, creme or white dress you shouldn't have any problems finding shoes. (Mine is vanilla/deep ivory and it was pretty difficult to find something close to the colour of the skirt - but I was successful in the end in a small local store)
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    i wouldn't even leave the house image i got my perfect wedding shoes online at perdita's wedding shoes (may have to google that) toe with diamante detail in ivory and i love, love, love them! really good price as well...only about £35. if you are heading out though, i'd try debenhams and bhs for the high street?
  • If you are starting off in reading, there is a shop called mirakel in caversham which just does bridal shoes, their website is don't know how good the actual shop is as haven't been there yet (someone else said about it on here). Might be worth a try?!

  • Hi there,

    Next do some lovely bridal shoes and they are really modern and comfy. I would try ebay for them. I got a pair for £12 and they are brand new and gorgeous.

    Good luck

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    Hi, depending on what your budget is, why not try Bicester village? they have a few shoe shops there including Jimmy Choos. It's a retail outlet so they will be discounted very generously indeed.
  • I got mine from Next for £25 and they are really pretty and so comfy.

    As others have said, it depends on your budget, but I would say that Reading is a pretty good place to start as the Oracle has all the High St shops you could want. Not sure on Bridal shops though, I'm afraid.

    Lucy x
  • i got mine from next too and they are lovely and only £25.

    very comfie too! xx
  • Hi,

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the suggestions - I went to Mirakel and it was great! Loads of choice, and the assistant was really helpful. I ended up buying a pair she picked out for me, and I'm really excited about them now!

    I would really recommend the shop to anyone in the Reading area - one more thing off my list!
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