Berketex Brides Kingston!!!

Had a letter through the post yesterday to say the concession is closing in Kingston so I have to go up to Oxford Street for fitting and to collect my dress - I dont mind this too much as I work 10mins from Oxford Street - but if they think I am carrying my dress home on the underground they have another thing coming!!! Anyone else bought their dress from here???

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  • Oh thats no good, hope this isnt a sign of things to come. I bought my dress from Berketex Bride in Dublin and its due for collection in March! Eeeeeek, hope all is well! You should ask for them to pay for a taxi or drive out to collect your dress, underground - oh no!
  • Hey girlies!!

    Maybe I can set some minds at rest, I know a bride getting a dress from the Kingston store, they were so lovely in there, Dont worry that the store closed it has to do with polotics with Bentalls, and because they were a concession Bentalls dont need to give them any notice, thats why they went so quickly.

    There are two other branches nearer, Croydon and Richmond, and they are opening new stores all the time, they are trying to get stand alone stores, and Kingston is so expensive, Have you noticed how many shops have closed, Faith shoe's just went too.

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