Maggie Dress (America??) please help

I've found my perfect dress (finally) but I have no idea how much its going to cost - am a bit worried that it may be out of my price range though. Its Maggie Sottero's Bellevue:

Its just what I've been looking for, also I've found it in America for about £400 so if anybody has any advice about ordering from there I would be very very happy

thankyou in anticipation:\)

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    Hi, there are loads of us on here that've ordered from the US. Get someone to take your measurements and use a size chart from an authorised stockist ( to get your size - always go with your biggest measurement.

    I just looked at your dress, it is really stunning!

    Good luck and if you need any more help, just shout!
  • hello, well done you!

    Lots of people buy from the US at the moment... just make sure you choose an 'official stockist'

    Here's one

    You also need to bear in mind that you will be charged import tax and VAT, which is 30%, on the total price including P&P when the dress gets to the uk.

    Also you will need to find a seamstress for any alterations...

    But the girls on here who have bought from abroad are very happy
  • Thanks for your help, feeling much better now. My h2b has family in America so does anyone know if I get it posted to them does that mean the import tax won't have to be paid if they then post it to me or am I just going to have to pay that?
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    The difficult thing is that the dress can only be insured for the declared value. If h2b family or shop insure it for what it costs you'll have to pay taxes on that amount but it if gets lost you'll get all your money back. If the value is put very low you'll pay less tax but won't get as much money back if it gets lost or damaged in transit. It's a toughie, if you can afford to, I would just buy it online get it shipped to you and take a deep breath before opening the letter from parcelforce!
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    I saw this dress in my local bridal store. I have ordered a Maggie Sottero dress but they didnt have the dress in stock so to show me the lenght they used this dress as an example its a beautiful dress you cant really see how sparkly the crystals are in the photo. I thought about buying direct form the US but changed my mid as the taxes worked out quite high and not a great diffrence cost wise.
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    I am buying my dresses from US and having them posted to my sister in law who lives in US, if they mark the package as a gift you shouldnt pay tax (which is why I am doing it that way) she has been sending stuff to UK for 20 years and we have never had to pay import tax on anything so that makes it even cheaper for you, if you get your dress from houseofbrides you get a free veil and shoes and you can pick from their range! MS dresses are at least half price from USA so you can go wrong. x x x Go for it
  • Amie07, I don't suppose you noticed the price tag on it when you tried it on? I just have no clue as to what price it would be here. Thats great advice about the gift thing Rachael, thankyou - I'm desperate to try it on, I hope one of the shops near me has it!
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    If you check Maggies website she has details of stockists in all areas, they only have one per town apparently so you could ring as see if they have that design x


    Do you really think you are getting the real deal for £400???!!! Wake up and smell the coffee, these american shops are selling off thier samples to us stoopid brits! They tidy them up, rebead them and you get an ex sample! The cost price of a maggie is £250-£400, wherever the dealer is!!! yes its probably 20% cheaper in the U.S, but you'll pay that in taxes. Why do you think they get the dresses so quick, cos its a sample or cancelled order!!!!

  • rachaelafry - just be aware that customs may open ANY package and if they do and it has been wrongly labelled YOU are committing a crime and you can be fined and have the dress confiscated. HMRC are particularly hot on clothing and electronics. Most people will be fine doing what you are but there is always the chance it could go wrong...also if it is sent wrongly labelled and goes missing you are uninsured.
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    Weddingshopgirl, this is a forum for BRIDES not the managers of wedding dress shops.

    You've posted a reply on virtually every topic on the Fashion board, each one berating people for using the internet to save money, and telling everyone that the internet is basically crap and everyone should steer clear - if that's the case, why are you coming onto an INTERNET forum???

    House of brides, best bridal prices, etc etc - they're all con artists selling ex samples to 'stupid brits'? I think not - they are established, reputable companies, and I bet they turn over much more than you each year - is that the problem?! And the savings are much more than 20% - try getting your facts straight before coming on here and banging on about 'silly girls'.

    You've said your piece and insulted us all, now go on your merry way please. This is not the place for you.

  • good on you P4TD...I am fed up of people worrying everyone unnecessarily!
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    Me too. And I'm equally as fed up of 'wedding dress shop managers' coming on here giving stupid, biased, incorrect and unwanted advice.


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    Thanks gimmethatdress I know there are risks involved but they wont have any tags or anything on that proves they are newly bought items, if they do open then and I have to pay they still have cost very little, my sister in law has never had a problem yet and they are paid for on her US credit card so she can prove she bought them. As for the cost of dresses from USA its not cos they are ex samples or anything like it its purely down to the exchange rate, They are charging the same price as here effectively but we get £2 to the $1 so everything works out half price. Dont be put off about buying from abroad (apart from Val Collections, have been reading your threads P4TD, hope you get it sorted soon you must be crawling the walls) x x x
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    Rachaelfry, Val has now refunded my money so everything's ok on that front now - she's going to email me some pics of the dress when it finally arrives to prove she has it, and then I can decide if I want to re-purchase it or not. At least I have my money back now though, so I can start looking for another dress just in case.

    Get your SIL to wrap it up like a birthday present, bows, ribbons and all - only the meanest customs man would open that image
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    So glad to hear that, she has messed you about, have you got time to find another before your wedding? Fortunately I bought the one in the shop as it fit perfectly apart from the length, I dont get why dresses take so long to order yet they are standard sizes, before I started looking I thought they took so long cos they were made to measure so was totally shocked to realise each one is made as the order comes in...very strange. Keep us posted on how you get on with your dress x
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