BRAND NEW chapel-length chiffon VEIL

Colour - White

Material - Silk Chiffon

Length - Chapel length (250cm)

Style - Single tier

Designer - Crowning Glory Silk Veils

PRICE - £100 (RRP - £225)

I have a beautiful veil that I didn't end up wearing at my wedding in August (it was forgotten at home in all the excitement of the day!). It would be a great shame if this lovely piece of material didn't get to be shown off on someone's special day. It is a light and wispy veil that will add to the romance of the occasion.

I can supply some pics of what it looks like by email


  • Hey Beverly77 - I still havent got a veil - any chance you can stick a couple of pics of it on here? thanks
  • Hi there,

    I don't have pic of me wearing it as I never got to wear it - it's still in the box but if you look at the homepage of the designer where I bought it the top images are pretty much what my veil looks like:
  • Hi

    Is the veil still available - please can you email me picutres to [email protected]

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