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kelsey rose bridesmaid dress - anyone getting?

just woundering if anyone is getting their bridesmaid dresses from this range?

i really like the new range but would have to travel to get to them. are they good quality and how much do they cost? the website has not got much info on them.


heres the link if u wanna look

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  • Hi kezzie

    We very nearly went for Kelsey rose dresses.

    The quality is actually really good and they were stunning dresses. The only problem for us was that I didn't want to order in a colour I hadn't even seen a swatch for and I couldn't find any shops locally with the swatches for pink. It was a joke.

    I can't remember the design name of the one I was looking at, but I know they were £180 each. They were two piece and skirts were long.

    Hope this helps.

  • oh gud they are cheaper than i thought thanks!
  • I wanted a Kelsey Rose style for my bridesmaids but the little bit of material for the swatch was so small and they looked different when made up (when I looked at the other colours available) so I am hesitant to order. Also they didn't have very much in the green shades and I wanted lime green shades or jade.
  • HelenBPHelenBP Posts: 395
    I'm ordering KR dresses for my bridesmaids....i'm ordering them tonight actually. The dresses i'm ordering are £220 each.

    The quality is really good.

    The shop I am getting them from had a different KR dress in the colour I wanted, so was lucky that I could imagine what it looked like.

    The 2011 collection won't hit the shops until about January....but it looks like its definitey worth the wait!
  • Im thinking about Kelsey Rose dresses, I have seen them in one bridal shop near me, I was at a wedding fair on sunday and there was athershop there that stocks them, told me the new 2011 collection will be there in December so im going to wait till then x
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