Cosmopolitan Bride Back Copy


I am desperate to try and get hold of a copy of my Temperley wedding dress I've just bought. The Temperley people do not have a picture but when I was in their shop they did have a cut out of it from the Dec 06 copy of Cosmopolitan Bride magazine...which I don't have. ARRGHHH!...

Does anyone else have this copy of Cosmopolitan Bride and if so would they be willing to send me the page in question or scan it or anything?? Happy to pay for P&P etc, obviously.

The dress in question is under the 'Trends' section (I think it's 2007 Trends), I think on the right hand page and near the bottom. And the dress itself is a long floaty lace dress in creams/whites/gold sequins (although you might not be able to see these!) with little lace sleeves and an ivory sash.

If anyone can help I'd be forever grateful! My dress is staying at the shop until much nearer the time (so I can get it altered etc) and getting shoes and bridesmaids dresses could be impossible without a picture!!

Thank you!

Megs xx


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