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Hi everyone.

Having a bit of a crisis with my dress. I love Maggie Sottero's Celeste dress and am hoping to order it this week. The only thing is, the woman in the shop is set on ordering me a size 6 (im normally a size 10). Its a corset-style dress, so i know it is supposed to be fitted but I feel its stretching a bit against my tummy. She says the sample i tried (also a size 6) is only pulling coz its been stretched out of place by so many people trying it on. Don't know what to do. I wont be happy wearing it if it looks like its pulling when it arrives, but then I suppose the people in the bridal shops know what they are doing..

Has anyone else had a similar issue with a Maggie Sottero gown? Any advice muchly appreciated. I am also panicking as my wedding is in July and the shop assistant says the dresses they are ordering in this month won't be arriving til May/June...

Thanks everyone.



  • the answer is YES they should know what they are doing!!

    i went with the advice of the ladies at the shop i've ordered my dress from, my waist measurement was the one that didn't correlate with the size that my hips and chest came to so we ordered a size bigger so then it'll hang nicely over my hips and there won't be any chance of it gapping at the bottom of the laces!! it will definitely need adjusting around the bust but i didn't want to risk it being too small!!

    i ordered my maggie end of oct and was told it would arrive mid to late march!!

    Sian x x x x
  • Hi

    Go with your gut instinct, if you're not happy with the size 6 then order an 8, it can always be altered smaller whereas it can't be made bigger.

    My dress is a very fitted Maggie ASM3050, I'm a size 12 and the dress i've ordered is a size 10 and it fits perfectly.

    Hope this helps x
  • Thanks for your advice girls. Its much appreciated. Think I am going to ask the lady to order it in an 8, although then it will definately have to be adjusted at the chest (more expense!)...but like you say, its easier to make it smaller than bigger! Then I also don't have to worry if I put on a few pound between now and July.

    Off off to dinner now.

    Thanks again xx
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    I think Maggie dresses are US sizes so a 6 is about right I think, check the MS measurements on a US site, ie or and then measure yourself, I have seen alot of people advertising their second hand dresses and they are a size 14 but have a size 10 dress mainly cos of the corset x x your shop should be right x
  • Hi

    US sizes are one size down from UK sizes, ie UK 12 = US10. It all depends on how you feel with the dress personally. I measured up on the Maggie chart as a size 8 but still went for the 10 for the simple reason it's better too big than too small. Luckily mine fits perfectly and needs no alterations at all. x
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