Mimi Toko Derby/derbyshire dress shop

Hi Derbyshire brides 2 be,

I have been to Mimi Toko in Duffield, Derby twice now on both the Ian stuart designer day and Hollywood dreams designer day and I cant recommend it enough. The shop was recommended to me by a friend who got her dress there.

The staff are so helpful and friendly, you are made to feel and look like a princess, I cant wait for my next visit when I will be trying my shortlisted dresses on. YIPPEE!!

The dresses are all exquisite, something for all tastes and budgets. I think the dresses start at £600 and go up to £2600.

Let me know how you get on if you go. I hope you have as much fun as I have.



  • pink781pink781 Posts: 1,341
    I completely agree!

    I visited almost 10 stores and I would say that Mimi Toko was definitely the best for quality and service. I have to say if I had not decided to get a dress made (one off bespoke) then I would have definitely bought from these guys.

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