From someone who works in a wedding shop!!!

My goodness you ladies are very strange, i won't be offering any advice then, thats a shame. I actually really care about my job and my brides. And from the lady from Doncaster, thats my dress for my own wedding, and its beautiful, i just wondered if you got it already as soon its to be discontinued. Sorry guys that you seem to be so offended.

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  • hmmmm...thank you for offering advice, but as one of many on here who has bought off the internet and is exceedingly happy with the service, quality and price I have paid this seems a bit like touting to me...this is a forum for brides!
  • I'm happy for you that you got your dress on the internet, i hope it all works out fine for you, but so many brides are upset when they recieve them. As i said i won't reveal where i work because im here to offer advice, i really don't mind where you buy, but this forum is about people making an informed choice!

    Im sure you don't know many sites are illegally selling dresses through trans-shipping, and many are copies or ex-samples that have been made to look as new!

    There are some very mis informed brides on here, and if you want to know where best to buy, i'll tell you, and not just from the shop i work in, im doing this for nothing other than my passion for the brida industry!
  • It's actually obvious where you work from the numerous negative and incorrect posts..... will just add to the worry and panic that some brides feel whenever they hear something negative......I have bought from a reputable and authorised stockist......please leave us alone...
  • I appreciate your advice, whatever your intentions - geek, tout, I don't care. I will note, however, that many of your comments regarding what NOT to do (for example, Saturday fittings, cheaper dresses) apply to me and my experience of buying a dress, having seen it in another store for £300 more. Maybe the beads are cheaper - I don't care because I can't tell the difference, and I'll be wearing it for ONE day. Oh and I have £300 more to spend on my honeymoon! I know there are happy brides on this forum who have done all the aforementioned ''don'ts''!! You may be experienced in this field, but you are also just a person with an opinion, and others have theirs.....all which are valid. I'm sorry I think you caught me in an irate moment!! image
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    I agree gimmethatdress.

    You've just posted on another topic calling us all 'silly girls' and 'stupid brits'. This is a site for brides, not managers off wedding dress shops, and the only 'advice' you are offering is negative and derogetary.

    Get a grip you stupid woman and GET OFF OUR SITE before we report you to the forum editors.

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    oooh, i'll ask some advice, if you dont mind.?

    im a 'larger' lady and looking to go dress shopping in feb/march nxt yr... should i call ahead to the shops i intend on visiting to ask if they have anything that i can try on or do shops have a variety of sizes??

    also, i plan on losing 2-3 stone by the time i get married and hopefully be 2 sizes smaller than i am now. but im worried about alterations... if i go and find a dress i like and order it in feb, then by say august i lose another stone - is this going to cause loads of issues with regards to altering it???

  • Ooh weddingshopgirl aka mrspotter2b............I see you've just changed your name and pretended that you're getting inventive, well done you weirdo.
  • Hi Mrs harrison 2b ...I am a size 20!

    It's definitely worth checking what sizes any shop has available, they are good at pinning you but there is nothing like wearing a dress that fits!! It almost sells it to you...

    as far as alterations think corset back and order a size lower maybe then if you loose loads it can be altered and if you loose a little the corset lacing will cope!!
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    ooohh... whats going on? i thought she is beng genuine?

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    BTW changing your name to 'mrspottertobe' wont make us believe you're a genuine bride after everything you've said one the other posts. You start getting some flak about your comments, and suddenly you change your name and 'become' a bride - do you think we came down in the last shower?!

    And if you're wondering why everyone has taken such an immediate dislike to you, maybe it's because you come on here preaching and lecturing and insulting us all, calling us silly girls and stupid brits and trying to cause panic among everyone.

    If you ARE a genuine bride, I suggest you re-register as such and try again. Next time, try just saying 'Hello' instead of insulting everyone and preaching about things you clearly have not done any proper research on.
  • I think she might be a mentalist - sorry!! but there will be loads of people who can help on here Mrsharrison2b - have you posted on the big beautiful brides forum? xx
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    lol - thanks gimmethatdress! ive been thinking about going shopping for a while, but am a bit apprehensive... thought i would ask the expert...

    ermm,.,,, how do we def know that she isnt a b2b???
  • Call me naive, but I've not read anything that would suggest she's touting for business...she's not named her shop or even put her email accessable. It just seems like she really believes in what she's saying and is trying to offer some advice??

    Some of the comments seem really harsh.
  • well......she's changed the post at the top of this page now - she's the manager of a bridal shop and she personally got my back up cos she was going on about what not to do.......which was everything I had done.......and all's well with my dress...........and she is annoying. night night and all the best mrsharrison2b with your dress hunt - enjoy yourself!!! xxxx
  • I just thought her comments were inane Mrs T2B and not constructive, but self righteous and preachy. xx
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    Read through all her posts and all will become clear image

    The general theme so far is:

    Internet BAD, her shop GOOD

    Anyone who buys anything online - 'SILLY'

    Anyone who buys anything online from US - 'STUPID'

    Plus the usual general rubbish - apparantly every website in america selling wedding dresses only sell ex samples and us 'stupid brits' fall for it and we are all being conned. Yeah ok then.........I wonder if house of brides make their millions by selling samples to everyone! On the other hand, her shop is perfect.....

    I agree lazybride - mentalist!
  • Whatever, i really care about my industry, yes i am getting married but maybe weddingshopgirl was a silly thing to call myself, you just seem to all give each some strange advice!

    mrs_harrison2be: there are shops that deal in larger sizes, i know of a couple in essex that have plus size collection in size 18+ to try on, you just need to make a few phonecalls! regarding altering the gown, you can have it taken down by three sizes, thats around 6 inches, so you could go from 20 to 14 and that would be fine. Just don't be tempted to order a smaller size as its puts you under too much pressure to lose the weight, and you don't need more stress than tha of planning a wedding!
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    Hmmm, yes 'mrspottertobe' - we're the strange ones, obviously. We dont like people coming on here and calling us 'silly girls' and 'stupid' and that makes us strange? You managed to insult everyone within 8 posts - that must be a new record for YAYW!

    Good riddance.
  • It just seemed like genuine, knowledgable advice to me.....? Maybe I'm not as offended as I've bought from a wedding shop, not online or from the US. I guess WebEd will have the deciding vote though...
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    I think regardles of whether she works in a wedding dress shop or not, her post was insulting and completely unhelpful, any genuine bride coming onto a forum to make friends should NOT start things off by insulting everyone and trying to make eveyone worry, and not expect a reaction!



    Do you really think you are getting the real deal for £400???!!! Wake up and smell the coffee, these american shops are selling off thier samples to us stoopid brits! They tidy them up, rebead them and you get an ex sample! The cost price of a maggie is £250-£400, wherever the dealer is!!! yes its probably 20% cheaper in the U.S, but you'll pay that in taxes. Why do you think they get the dresses so quick, cos its a sample or cancelled order!!!!"


    And I see she's now changed her name again!

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    yea, i dont really get it either mrs t2b...

    thanks for some advice mrspottertobe. that was my main worry - paying out loads for alterations or that they wouldnt be able to alter it a whole dress size or two... just didnt know if it was worth holding off til im at my 'ideal' size, and then going shopping - i think i will stick to nxt feb for shopping... i am size 18 currently but will hopefully be a 16 by the time i go shopping... (or well on my way at least!)

    thanks again

    p.s (if you could email me (button below) the shops that cater that would be great!) must be worth a look at least!!
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    I guess if you hadn't seen her messages on the other topics it's not immediately obvious what the problem is. Yes, she might be able to offer some good advice, but to call people silly and stupid and tell them they are probably being conned because they've ordered their dress online, and will probably receive a second hand dress or some dodgy sample? That is not constructive or helpful, people are nervous enough waiting for their dresses to come, without someone like that making things worse and insulting them to boot!

    Weddingshopgirl / Mrspottertobe / Blackwedding dress - whatever your name is. If you are a genuine bride then you are more than welcome to come on here and swap ideas and advice. But you owe a lot of people an apology first!
  • I read all her posts (I think!) and still stand with what I originally said. Maybe she could have done it in a less forthright manner though.
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    i dont know... maybe thats just her inside information from working in the trade... tho i agree she shouldnt have called anyone stupid for ordering their dress from where ever they have - internet/america/uk - and i also agree it probably wasnt the best thing to say when ppl are feeling particularly vulnerable and nervous about ordering online etc... i have to say tho, it isnt something i would be brave enough to do as i am a complete control freak and would be too worried about something going wrong!

    ... but i cant understand how/why someone else, esp who works in the trade would offer advice on why they think its a bad idea

    but again, i agree... it wasnt done in the most tactfull way...
  • Ive just come and Im shocked on reading this, I cant believe you are attackin this women in this way, I havent read her posts, but will have a look in the min.

    Some people are jsut so assertive they come across as rude and blunt, maybe thats just the way she is,

    Im not attackin her in what Im about to say but its somethin I have noticed...

    Many ((i say many not all!)) people who work in bridal shops come accross as snobby and rude ,

    they also seem quite defensive about the industry, esp bridal shops, so many shops are losing business and closing down, because its all internet these days.

    its only in recent times that the internet has become popular and safe for buying these kind of items from,

    think back a few yrs this women who be valued as going to a bridal shop was the thing to do,

    I agree if she has called people stupid yes then thats out of order, but full stop attackin her?

    Maybe just a polite, excuse me your bang out of order please apologise would do ?

    ***runs and hides before she gets it!


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  • My mum ordered her outfit from the USA. Two weeks after she had paid for it they emailed to say that they didn't have the matching hat and bag which really set the outfit off. Mum cancelled and it took 3 months to get her money back, luckily she had paid by PAYPAL. She still didn't get her money back till after the wedding but ended up getting a gorgeous outfit the week before. It cost three times the amount of the internet one. Its gorgeous but can never be worn again. Keep telling her to sell it on ebay.

    I think its down to luck. I got my headdress via the internet and all was well.

    Always ask the girls on here if they have tried a company before you order online, better safe eh?;\)
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    honest head on, as someone who does not work in a bridal shop, but who does make clothes, including some for weddings....and who does read the industry mag, and does go to Harrogate (the big trade fair)....

    I really can understand both sides.

    there's a lot of paranoia within the bridal industry at the moment about the internet - has been for a few years now. the pervading mood is one of internet bad, shops good.

    which is understandable when you consider that it's a new threat to an already seriously cut throat industry - and one in which many, many businesses are going to the wall.

    the bridal industry has generally undergone a seed change - and brides themselves are a lot more savvy now, be it by buying online, researching online, or ringing round for best prices. it's fear that seems to motivate a lot of people within the industry, based on what I've read.

    personally I don't understand why more people running bridal shops don't embrace the change and play the online sellers at their own game rather than clinging to the old ways, but I suppose people don't like change.

    it's true that some websites do sell dodgy dresses - fakes or ex samples - as an example take the one I don't remember the name of that's currently being sued by maggie sottero - but it's not entirely unheard of for a bricks and mortar store to commit those sins - although it's harder for that to happen by simple virtue of the fact that you'd know where to take it back to!

    but if you're switched on you do your research and you take your choice. at the end of the day it's a free country.

    the only thing I have a problem with is anyone that sells designer rip-offs or copies. I have a huge problem with dressmakers who copy designers, and with (usually* but not exclusively) Chinese factories that sell copies - they're commonly found on ebay.

    my problem with them is twofold - one, you can't be certain about the conditions in which the dresses are produced if in the latter category** - two because if a design is being copied, it's basically being stolen - I've had it done to me, and it's actually very upsetting.

    but despite all that, it's still a free country, and if people want to do that they can!

    *because the chinese government has a very bad record with upholding international copy- and design- rights.

    **again, bad record in china particularly

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    My issue wasn't the fact that she has a problem with internet selling - it's the fact that she's a new member who comes onto a site and then immediately begins to call people stupid or silly or say they are getting conned!

    If she was a priest, who had come on here calling people stupid and silly because they weren't getting married in church, or a rich bride who came on here saying that people were silly or stupid because they were'nt spending enough money on their wedding, she would be flogged!!!

    I stand by what I said - it wasn't just me who she annoyed. If she is this tactless and rude within her first 8 posts, what is next?

    I think her comments were thoughtless and insulting, and they did not come from a brides point of view, regardless of what she has now changed her name to.
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    I dont understand why we get worked up about things like this, its easier to let it go and move on..........x
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    My issue wasn't the fact that she has a problem with internet selling - it's the fact that she's a new member who comes onto a site and then immediately begins to call people stupid or silly or say they are getting conned!

    If she was a priest, who had come on here calling people stupid and silly because they weren't getting married in church, or a rich bride who came on here saying that people were silly or stupid because they were'nt spending enough money on their wedding, she would be flogged!!!

    I stand by what I said - it wasn't just me who she annoyed. If she is this tactless and rude within her first 8 posts, what is next?

    I think her comments were thoughtless and insulting, and they did not come from a brides point of view, regardless of what she has now changed her name to.

    Oh, in which case I agree with all that!

    In which case, I'm probably being a silly girl and not doing things as I should, cos you know it's bad luck for the bride to make her own dress.... ;\)

    Sidewalk - I agree there's no point in letting it get to you too much, but I do find that things people say do tend to get to me more if I don't respond to them. Let it out and it's fine - bottle it up and it rankles.

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