Dress shopping when having your dress designed for you

sooo, I'm having my dress designed & made for me, but my mum is coming down in a couple of weeks so we can go round the dress shops. anyone else done this when thinking about what design they might like? i think it seems like a good idea to get a better sense of the different styles and what will really suit me, but i'd appreciate hints from anyone else that's done it about how you went about it and how to combine the elements from the dresses you see into the dress of your dreams in your head. hopefully my designer (a friend!) will be able to come round with me as well, but i'm just a bit nervous about the whole thing. x


  • Pipsyuk1Pipsyuk1 Posts: 766
    Hi, yes i went dress shopping when i knew all along i was having mine made its a great idea so that you get the right shape and colour for you, and its great fun!

    Try loads on even if you're not quite sure about them on the hanger lots of them do look different on and you might like a particular detail that you can incorporate in your dress.

    When i went shopping i found out that dropped waist lines really flattered me, they made me look tiny and suited my height (im 5ft 2.5) also suited a shaped boob area any that went straight across or had no detail made me look so flat chested. So take note of all the little things like that and then get your designer/dress maker to sketch something incorporating all those things you liked and see what you get. Also try different materials and colours.

    enjoy and good luck xx
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