FAO Weddingshopgirl

Yes it is my dress. I'm buying it from a shop in Doncaster.

Have you ordered it.


  • flowa she isn't a bride! I think it is stunning
  • flowa76flowa76 Posts: 515
    I know I've realised now. I've just read her ultra long tout.

    Thanks gimmethatdress.
  • flowa76flowa76 Posts: 515
    I've just realised. I've just read her ultralong tout.

    Thanks gimme
  • oooh that weddingshopgirl really annoyed me guys!!!! image
  • flowa76flowa76 Posts: 515
    And I thought she was just being nice. Probably trying to tout my business.
  • well once she had posted so many times in the same vain it became a bit of a laugh but I reported her!!! It annoys me when people are so negative without knowing what's going on and with an agenda
  • P4TDP4TD Posts: 2,487
    Notice how she's now changed her name to 'mrspottertobe' - give us a break! Oh, NOW you're a bride??? Funny that. Must have found someone to marry within the last, oooooh, five minutes!

  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    Tis a stunning dress though... image
  • Are you from Donny then? Which shop is it from?

    Maria xx
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