Caroline Castigliano - real life brides?

Hi I have recently bought the CC dress 'Beautiful' I would love to see pics of real-life brides either wearing this or the dress 'Beauty' does anyone have pics of them in one of these dresses? or does anyone know where I can find some??

Thanks xx


  • Hi- CC have some real life brides on their website as well as in books in their shops (I think!). I wore butterfly and violetta - Not the dress I know but quite similar to Beautiful (bodice comes lower and skirt is not as full). Will keep an eye out for you!


  • lw33lw33 Posts: 105
    Hi thanks Vicki..ur pics look amzing!!! the dress is stunning on your veil too was that from CC too? x
  • oh that dess is lovely. does anyone know were i wil find a pic of a real bride with the mori lee 2056 dress on? x
  • Hi Vicki - your photo's are beautiful. Its nice to see real life brides I agree MrsRyan2b. I am also wearing beauty for my big day next Aug and would love to see others in real life as yousaid also x
  • Hi! The veil is a CC veil but I had it customised with some gorgeous lace I found on (alos maculloch and wallis have nice stuff) - the seamstress at Luellas Boudoir did it for me. Was quite expensive to do and caused a but of stress (my other posts on this go into details!) but was soooo worth it!

    Am popping into the Guildford store to show them my pics so will see if they have any pictures in case any of you can get to Guildford.

  • lw33lw33 Posts: 105
    Excellent I am getting my dress from Guildford, will definately look out for pics next time i'm there!
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