Wedding dresses on ebay

I have just bought a brand new Ellis 12001 dress in a size 12 on ebay for £400!!

The lady Elizabeth is lovely and is selling them on behalf of a friend who used to own a dress shop. The dresses are in excellent condition and never been worn( I rang her last night). Give her a try. It may be worth asking if she has a dress that you want?

I will post back next week to let you know. I have asked for it to arrive on Tuesday cos HSB is away!!

I am so excited!!

Her ebay id name is mott5550.

Before you ask, I am redholly44!!!!


  • rachaelafryrachaelafry Posts: 4,271
    Gorgeous dress, well done on your purchase, how much would it cost in the shops? x x
  • oo thats a beauty!

  • well done you....
  • I bought it on ebay for £400 plus £20 postage and it is arriving in a box and dress bag, ready to hang!

    The lady was lovely and has loads of dresses to sell for her friend. Well worth the look if you have decided and know what you want!

    I tried this dress on in 2 shops - it was £695 in the first and £785 in the second! At least I have saved myself some money and it is the exact dress and size I wanted! Fab!!
  • I have just looked and there are loads of other BRAND new dresses to be had! I am so excited that I had such a real bargain, I want everyone else to be as lucky as me!!

    The lady selling the dresses also has over £20,ooo of stock to sell and is selling it slowly!

    She currently has Ellis Bridal dresses online -

    11018 Sleeping Beauty, size 12

    11015 size 12

    Anohter one but can't find it on the Ellis website!!

    Good luck!

  • Do you have the link to her on ebay?
  • Thanks! will have a look .............xx
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