I might be being funny, but i don't think so. I'm having one bridesmaid, my sister, my H2b also has a younger sister but i have only ever wanted one bridesmaid, and h2b didn't say anything. ANyway i have got my bms dress, from coast and is really lovely and we went for lunch with h2bs sisters a few weeks back and were talking about dresses and they asked if there was anything they couldn't wear so i said please no pink dresses from coast....and what has she gone and bought???? a pink dress from coast, now while it might not be identical all Coast dresses are quite similar and made from the same i right to be slightly annoyed that she's gone and bought a practically identical dress when she's not a bm????? x


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    I'd be annoyed if you actually said please don't, my sil2b is getting married 6months before me and i have had to stop telling her anything that i'm having at our wedding as she likes very much to pinch ideas!!
  • I don't think i'm being silly, i told my mum and she was as annoyed as me....we've asked sil to send us a picture to check how similar it actually is, h2b is defending sister which is fine, but i'm actually really annoyed, why ask if you're going to do what you want anyway?!
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    I can see why your annoyed as that is really cheeky but I personally wouldn't get to stressed over it as life's to short to worry about what guests wear to your wedding. At the end of the day she'll hardly be in any pictures- well none of the nice bride and bridesmaid ones anyway. You'll be too busy and happy on your wedding day to think of the colour of her dress and the only person who'll be embarssed by blatantly showing some angst at not being a bridesmaid is your SIL! I should think she'll feel pretty silly if the dress is similar!! x
  • Any other person wouldn't bother me but with all the family photos she's going to look like an extra bm, but not, if that makes sense? Especially as she purposefully asked what not to wear...anyway even if i saw a pic an it was identical she wouldn't take it back....c'est la vie....big meanie!
  • i can totally see where you are coming from-my sil has been a nightmare, and now might not even come to the wedding, but if she did, i would be teasy if she chose a 'bridesmaid' dress. don't let it worry you though-she probably just wanted to be included, and thinks this is a way of getting revenge. that means the best thing you can do is not worry about it, and maybe make sure your sister look extra special with her hair or bouquet!
  • cheers sister will look stunning, she always does!
  • grrrrr i would be annoyed too.

    do something special with your sister's hair and posy and shoes etc so she looks different and DONT tell your sil2b about it so she only finds out on the day and cant nab the idea... can you tie a different coloured sash around the waist of your sister's dress or something like that?


    OOPS i just realised someone else suggested the same thing!
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    Your sister will stand out as a bridesmaid anyways with the hair makeup and flowers etc. So she'll just look a bit of a fool really. See if you can get a pic from her to see what it's like. It may be different shades of pink. If she's purposefully got the same dress, I'd take the other back and see if you can find something else and not tell her.
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