Wedding dress help!

Hello! I'm new! I'm getting married in June 08 - just wondering how many dresses you lovely ladies tried on before you found "it" !!! I think I've found it but it's only the second dress I've tried on! How do you know! Thanks xxx


  • I tried on about 30! But as soon as I had mine on I knew it was the one. Its the one that makes you feel the most special and feels the most comfortable! If it happens to be the 2nd one you try one, then go for it! All I would say is try on a few more in a totaly different style, at least that way you know you tried all the styles.

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    hi katy im new too and im getting married june 08 and i tried on 5 dresses
  • well i tried on quite a few but in a couple of shops... the dress im having was the 2nd one i tried on in the shop so i guess it depends on the selection of dresses the shop has!

    I say go for it... when you know you know xx
  • Hi I'm new as well. I only tried on 4 and pretty much already knew which one i wanted before i even started. I'd done a lot of research on the types of dresses that I might like, and fell in love wirh several Alfred Angelo designs. I loved the fact that on most styles you can pick the colour which goes on them. The one I picked was the 2nd one I tried on. I do wish I had tried on more though, just for the sheer joy of it ;-D
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    Hi Katy

    the 2nd dress i tried on was the "ONE" too, must admit i tried on about 10 after, but non compared, i said no to the dress when walking round picking the ones i wanted to try on, but after trying the first on the lady went to get this and said just try it, and from then on, i k new it was the one!!, when we all say you get a feeling, well you rally do, i started to get tears in my eyes, my heart was beating really fast and my bm started to cry too!!
  • my "the one" was the first one i tried on so it's ok. if you want to check you could try on a few more like jojo said... that way you can know for sure!
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    Hi Katy,

    I think it really helps if you have an idea of what you would imagine yourself wearing and not wearing. What made it very easy for me is that I found a designer that I loved and there were a number of dresses that I really wanted to try on.

    Next I was looking for a bridal shop that had her dresses and was lucky enought to see that the designer Stephanie Allin was having a designer day there so what better than to meet the person who makes these beautiful dresses.

    The store itself is magical and set the scene. Its called The Bride in St Albans in this quirky little shop with wooden beams. Everyone was lovely and very helpful and Stephanie herself got really envolved and picked 'The One' for me and it just ticked all the boxes.

    What also helped is that I had 2 friends there that know what sort of person I am and what my style and taste is. We all just knew and it was the 4th dress I tried on. All of them looked amazing but the one I pickedjust was perfect. It felt like a dream and still does as I didn't think it would b that easy.

    Hope this helps.
  • hi jojo which of th ealfred angelo r looking at i keep looking at the coloured train (wine or claret)

    then tried on a sacha james that my sis in law was looking at and fell in love with that im stuck between the two now

    oh well another excuse to go try them on again as if i need one lol x
  • Thanks guys - I think I'll go try on a few more but I think I know that I'll end up going to get that one! it's perfect - I felt like a princess!!
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