Pronovias bond st.... thin mirrors?

Hi all..... i went to pronovias today and I was just wondering if anyone else has thought that they may use thin mirrors (main fitting room mirror?? I dont know how they would be but im sure i looked thinner than normal! Which is great but I was just wondering....! I tried on a Manuel Mota slinky satin dress.. Its usually so unforgiving but i thought it looked great. Im worried it was the mirrors!!!!! x


  • no idea....but a properly designed and manufactured dress looks so much better than a high street one!! And surely it's just your wonderful bridal glow... image
  • Don't think it's the mirrors. When I was there, I looked dumpy and flat chested in the dresses that didn't suit my body shape, and slinky in the ones that did, so I suspect it's probably the dress that's making you feel good.

    That said, you could always book a second appointment and take an honest friend with you!
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    Ooh I am going there on Monday so I will report back!

    It might be worth finding the same dress somewhere else and trying it on. Saying that I have to agree with gimme, when I tried dresses on last time I looked amazing and I think it is to do with the fact that they are expensively designed and made. Imagine spending that on a 'normal' dress and the quality you would get. We tend to overlook the amount of money we are paying for these dresses because it's accepted but it's a lot of money for one garment and it must be in exchange for something spectacular!!
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    I have ordered my dress from the Bond Street shop.

    I am gutted to think that maybe it was just the mirrors! I thought I looked good for once!

  • I'm sure it was that the dress suited you brilliantly not just the mirrors. If anything it's usually lighting and mirrors that make us look worse not better in these changing rooms anyway - some of the bridal shops I've been to had lovely flattering lighting and mirrors, but my chief bridesmaid tried on some gorgeous dresses the other day in one of those places with the special cellulite-highlighting lighting and spent the next two hours vowing never to appear in public again, so I'd say if the dress looked good in shop lighting, it really looks good!! x
  • Marnie2 - dont worry - ive been speaking to a true skinny that i work with and she thought the mirrors made her look terrible! so it must have been the dress!!!! hooray! Am going back on tuesday with a very honest friend..... which dress did you choose?
  • Yeah ps my 'cellulite'-imagining bridesmaid is 6'1" and a size do they manage to make someone like that think she looks bad????
  • Ladies,

    I went to try dresses on at this store yesterday (first time trying dresses on) and fell in love with one and now am so worried I didn't look as good in it. Please tell me the mirrors weren't lying? My tiny skinny bridesmaid thought I looked fab (and I did see lots of celulite in the mirror when I wasn't wearing the dress.
  • Sure they weren't lying!! If you looked that good in there, think how great it must look in natural light!! Not that I'm obsessed about this or anything lol...There's so much clever design and corsetting etc that goes into a lot of wedding dresses that they do make you look fantastic - bet it looks lovely x
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    I've got to agree I don't think the mirrors were anything unusual. I had three appointments there, one in the main fitting room and two in the smaller fitting rooms downstairs & looked the same on all 3 occasions. Did you stand on the box? Sometimes you get a different perspective when standing on the box than you do on the floor. You must have looked fabulous by your own merit - lucky you! x
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