Small sized bridal shoes

Hi all,

I just thought I would let you know of a great shop I found on Ebay called smt-elegantshoes. I only have size 2 feet and was getting really frustrated trying to find some adult bridal shoes then I came across this shop, they do adult shoes starting from a size 1. I ordered a pair 15 days ago and they arrived today and they are great and whats more they cost jsut over £30.00 inc P&P from china. Dont get me wrong they are obviously not Gina quality but they are certainly the same standard as the ones ive been lokking at in bridal shops price at about £80.00. I wasnt too worried about my shoes as nobody will get to see them and the thought of paying all that money for shoes I would never wear again just didnt feel right. Now I have a pair of lovely wedding shoes and as they were such a bargain I can go and get a pair of jimmy choos for partying!!!!

Hope this helps


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