Bridesmaid dresses

I am measuring my bridesmaids aged 10,14,16 and 35 this weekend for their dresses. What is the current fashion in dresses and what type is everyone going for? I chosen my colour as silver with palest pink trim/accent but anyone got any helpful pointers?


  • Hi Cheryl, I have four bridesmaids. 4, 12, 30 & 45 yrs old. The small one is in a ivory dress with butterflies on form BHS. The 30 and 40 yr old are in a burgundy dress with black chiffon over the top from pronuptia, well its a two piece actually with a small ribbon and bow just under the bust, its not full length either and a nice light material for the summer. The 12yr old is again in a different dress (again from pronuptia) but the same burgundy colour as the older girls, she is tiny for her age (age 8 dress) so the adult dress was not an option. Its difficuly when your bridesmaids are of different ages but I think as long as you keep the colours to go with your colour scheme then getting the dresses to match isn't such a big issue, you got to have the girls in the appropriate dress for their age. Where will you be getting their dresses from Cheryl?
  • cheryl654cheryl654 Posts: 366
    I'm ordering mine from the States as we are so ripped off in this country for them. My eyes popped out like this image when I saw the prices here! I can't beleive I can get an evening gown for about £100 yet bridesmaid dresses are £200+
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    My girls dresses came from coast they cost quite lot but are lovely and there really is a chance they will wear them again! with the age difference why not pick a colour or fabric and put them all in different styles of dress? I would agree that traditional dresses from wedding shops can be overpriced so do check the high street or see if you can gt them made
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